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Pompeo: ‘I don’t have 12 toes’

The Grey’s Anatomy star was shown recently published paparazzi photos of her feet during her appearance on U.S. late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday (04Nov10) and was left stunned by the shots.

But she insisted that in this instance the camera has lied – because she doesn’t have extra digits.

She told the host, “They added… It really does look like I have six toes. That is crazy. That is really strange.

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“You know how I heard the story (about my 12 toes)…? My sister lives in Greece and I spoke to her and she said, ‘I was looking at this British tabloid… and I saw this thing where it said you have six toes (on each foot),’ and she thought it was hilarious.”

Her sister then went online and posted a joke note on the newspaper’s website, insisting the photo was wrong.

Pompeo says, “She told them, ‘Well I know Ellen personally and she only has six toes on one foot…’ It travelled all the way (to the U.S.)… and 48 hours later I got an email.”

But the actress refused to remove her designer shoes to show off her toes, suggesting to Kimmel, “Maybe we should do it in private.”

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