Taraji P. Henson forces son to defer college

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’s son Marcell was recently accepted into university and he was due to move into his dorm room this autumn (12).

However, the stern mum admits she refused to let him head off without gaining some real-word experience and realising how lucky he is to receive an all-expenses paid education.

She tells U.S. late night host Jimmy Fallon, “Even though he is privileged, he doesn’t remember the bad times when we were eating Hamburger Helper (boxed food) and peanut butter and jelly, he remembers all the good times. I don’t want to raise this privileged kid, who’s out of touch, so I made him sit out the first semester and he has to get a job. He called his grandmother, he was like, ‘It’s hard out here, it’s hard to find a job.’ So I was like, ‘Yeah, I need you to know that.’

“I need him to see how real it is out here… I tell him, ‘College is like an investment. I’m investing my money in your future, and if I feel like you’re a bad investment, I’m taking my money back.'”