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‘Nobody’ has big John Wick vibes, but with a dad bod

Things have been looking up in 2021, and seem to only be getting better with the rapid approach of spring. Restaurants, bars and museums have been opening up their doors but most importantly – MOVIE THEATERS ARE BACK

It has been over a year since I watched a movie on the big screen, so I jumped at the opportunity to watch a movie in the theaters. I stepped foot into an AMC for the first time and basked in the buttery smell of the movie theater popcorn, the loud group of teenagers standing in the lobby, the $10 candy behind the counter — I missed this whole experience. I essentially had the whole theater to myself, and as I layed back in my recliner chair, I was not prepared for the wild ride Nobody was about to take me on. 

The film stars Bob Odenkirk as an unassuming action hero alongside Connie Neilson and Christopher Lloyd. I am a huge Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fan, so I knew it was bound to be good. 

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Bob Odenkirk truly rebranded himself in this role, playing Hutch Mansell, a retired government hit man living a typical suburban lifestyle who is forced to make a comeback. Hutch’s family faces a random home invasion, and the Hutch can’t seem to appropriately react for his family. The violence and fight scenes in the film are outlandish, but this in-your-face violence is what ties the film together and gives it such weight. Bob Odenkirk gave a visceral, edge of your seat performance, walking a fine line between humor and unapologetic rage. 

Nobody topped box office charts in the US this week, giving a solid start to movie theaters reopening. Bob Odenkirk tweeted about the success of the film:

The film is directed by Russian filmmaker Ilya Naishuller and written by Derek Kolstand,  the writer of all three John Wick films. Nobody has BIG John Wick vibes, just with a dad bod. 

“It was intended as a genre movie — pure, unapologetic, unironic,” Bob Odenkirk says in an interview with the New York Times. “Hopefully we take it to such an extreme that it becomes nothing but a cinematic explosion of fury and elemental rage.”

Nobody has all the bells and whistles of a quintessential action movie, without taking itself too seriously.  What sets this film apart from other action movies is the believability and mediocrity of the main characters. At the end of the film, I found myself wanting more; the action-packed 92 minutes didn’t seem like enough. Regardless, after my first time back in a movie theater, I am completely satisfied and can’t wait to return. This film is a must watch, especially after a long pandemic absense. Watch the trailer for Nobody here. 

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Before you go see Nobody, see what others thought about the film and returning to movie theaters. 

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