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‘Pearl’ Movie: Halloween Comes Early In This 1918 Slasher

The nostalgic ’70s slasher horror style returns to the big screen with a sequel (or should we say prequel) to Ti West’s X, called Pearl. As it premieres in theaters on September 16, here is everything we know about the Pearl movie. From the plot synopsis, movie cast, and a worldwide casting call, this scary movie is sure to be bloody.


What is the Pearl movie about?

In the previous film X, we followed a group of adult actors who plan to film a movie on an elderly couple’s Texas property. Unfortunately, the elderly couple has deadly plans for this group. Mia Goth starred as lead adult actress Maxine while also playing the role of the elderly woman Pearl. The rest of the cast includes Jenna OrtegaBrittany SnowScott MescudiMartin Henderson, and Owen Campbell.

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The cast of ‘X.’/ CREDIT: A24

With Mia Goth portraying both roles of Maxine and Pearl, it proved a clear connection between the 2. As Maxine is pursuing her dreams of making it in the Hollywood industry, Pearl is still vying for fame and sexual freedom.

Now in this prequel, we follow Pearl as a young woman as she lives with her German immigrant parents in a farmhouse in Texas. While her husband is off at war, she must take care of her paralyzed father and overbearing mother. Pearl dreams of a more glamorous life that fulfills all her ambitions and sexual desires. As her temptations and repressions come to a head, horrific chaos ensues.

pearl movie- mia goth & matthew sunderland
Mia Goth and Matthew Sunderland in ‘Pearl.’/ CREDIT: A24

Pearl movie cast

Along with Mia GothPearl stars David CorensweatTandi Wright, and Matthew Sunderland.


Horror fans react to Pearl

Scary movie lovers are raving about this prequel, with a focus on Mia Goth’s stellar acting.

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You have the chance to be in Pearl’s 3rd film 

At the TIFF Festival during the premiere of PearlTi West shared a first look at the 3rd film of the franchise, MaXXXINE. While the plot is under wraps, we know that the original protagonist for X, Maxine, will make her return in this 3rd film.

On the Instagram account, the film posted a casting call, letting anybody have the chance to live out their Hollywood fantasies.

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To audition, users must reenact their own version from a scene in X and submit to TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram using the caption #XCastingCall

Do you have what it takes? Try it out for yourself.

See Pearl in theaters now.

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