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10 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘Fixer Upper’


There was a time when we thought HGTV addicts were mostly middle-age moms sitting at home with a glass of Cabernet. Now, thanks to Fixer Upper, we’re right there with them. The hit series about a Texas couple renovating seemingly un-renovatable homes stole America’s heart due to its charm, wholesomeness and excessive use of shiplap. Here are 10 reasons we can’t (and won’t) stop watching Fixer Upper.

1. It can charm even the most bitter HGTV despiser.
While we love us a good House Hunters episode, we can understand how the Home & Gardens channel isn’t for everyone. However, Fixer Upper is a new breed of decorating show. Sure, we watch for the wow-factor of rebuilt houses and Pinterest-esque decorating types, but mostly we watch for the adorableness of the Gaines family.

2. Chip and Joanna are goals.
Before landing a TV gig, Chip and Joanna Gaines remodeled homes for a living. Now, they just do it with millions of viewers watching. Handyman Chip and his “class clown” humor might seem downright goofy at first, but paired with Joanna’s wit it’s a match made in heaven. Not only do these guys make a dynamic husband-wife duo, but they’re a solid professional team too. It’s hard not to love their playful banters, spats and sweet moments.

3. And their family is adorable.
When they aren’t fixing up homes, the Gaines have another job: raising a family! The couple has four kids (Drake, Ella, Duke and Emmie) who are often seen popping in to visit mom and dad during construction and design. Talk about #CutenessOverload.

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4. It’s refreshing reality TV.
Each episode, one family packs their bags and awaits the completion of their new dream home. As with any renovation show, each client has a fascinating tale. Fixer Upper is often inspiring and refreshing (and waaaaaay less drama than the Kardashians).

5. You can actually visit Magnolia Market!
If you’re a super-fan, it’s time to start planning a road trip to Waco, TX! Chip and Jo’s Magnolia Market is a haven of rustically trendy home goods, apparel, appliances and more. So you might not need to travel across the country for a ceramic jug vase or artful measuring spoons…but they also have a cool collection of Fixer Upper-themed t-shirts!

6. You will doubt that the ugly ‘fixer upper’ home can be fixed…


Call us cynical, but there are some soon-to-be dream homes that look far from “dream home” potential (even in the capable hands of this duo). Whether it’s an infestation, rotting mold or a catastrophic floor plan, some episodes have you wondering, “CAN THIS REALLY BE FIXED UP?!”

7. …and you’ll be wowed when it’s fixed, every single time.
Joanna Gaines isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to redesigning construction duds. We’ve seen old, shabby ranches refurbished into a gorgeously modern living space complete with an Instagram-worthy kitchen and a living room that’s so perfect you’d probably never actually invite anyone over. By the time the credits roll, you’ll be wishing you had a $50,000 renovation budget. Again.

8. You will become a #shiplap fanatic.
The technical definition of “shiplap” is overlapping boards, as seen in flooring and wall paneling. For the Gaines, however, it’s a way of life. Fixer Upper fans have come to know and love the term (it has sort of become the show’s mantra), due to the unreal amount of shiplap used in Jo’s designing. If there’s one thing you can learn from this show, it’s that there’s never a thing as too much shiplap.

9. It’s the perfect show for gaining useful, applicable design tips.
Watching too many episodes can result in attempting to turn your studio apartment (or tiny bedroom) into a masterful work of design. While you might not have a HGTV professional flipping your crib, you can still take away some pretty crafty DIY tips.

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10. It’s totally binge-worthy (and its on Netflix).


No elaboration needed.

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