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Mandy Moore Finally Addresses The Fact That She Has A Sperm Tattooed On Her Foot

When thinking about Mandy Moore, some words come too mind — classy, elegant, graceful. As beautiful and poised as Moore might seem, she’s still majorly down-to-earth and has a bit of a wild side. This, perhaps, explains why she has a human sperm tattooed on her foot.

During a visit to Late Night With Seth Meyers to talk about her newly renewed show This Is Us, Moore was questioned about the teeny, tiny sperm she has tattooed on the bottom of her foot. She holds nothing back when discussing the tiny tat’s origins.

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“Well, about 10 years ago, I was on tour with my band, because I also sing,” she said. “And when you go city to city, you get a ‘day room’ and I was the only girl so I had my own room to shower in and all of the guys in my band shared a day room. Their one rule was nobody was allowed to do ‘that thing’ in the shower. I don’t know what I’m allowed to say.”

Meyers of course clarifies that she’s talking about masturbation (risque).

 “It became this big joke,” she continued. “Because one of my band members was like, ‘I don’t want babies on my feet.’ And so we created a song called ‘Babies on My Feet’ that we sang on stage every night. No one had any idea what we were talking about. To commemorate the tour we all got babies on our feet.”

Well, okay then.

Checkout the video above of her whole interview. The tattoo comes up around 2:20.

mandy moore tattoo

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