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Oops! Simon Cowell Accidentally Punched This ‘X-Factor’ Hopeful In The Face


One time Simon Cowell punched me in the face and it was awesome. That’s probably the new mantra for X-Factor hopeful Caitlyn Vanbeck, who delivered (quite literally) a knock-out performance in a recent episode. 

Imagine being 18 years old and finally getting a chance to perform on X-Factor. Then imagine standing on that stage where all your dreams are coming true and being punched in the face by Simon Cowell. That is Vanbeck’s new reality.

In the clip, which aired in ITV2’s The Xtra Factor, Cowell is shown punching Vanbeck square in the nose as he hugged the other contestants Emily Middlemas, Olivia Garcia, Soheila Clifford, Kayleigh Marie Morgan and Gifty Louise. Poor Vanbeck! No love for her killer performance. 

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Here’s the incident, frozen forever in a JPG. 

simon cowell punch
The Xtra Factor

The 18-year-old student from Edinburgh wasn’t too fussed about the ordeal. She joked saying that she might “press charges” because “he’s got a lot of money.”

You go girl! Besides, the accidental punch in the face probably hurt a lot less than Cowell’s signature brand of blunt, insulting “constructive criticism.” At least you escaped that!

Check out the video the punch below. Yikes.


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