17 People That You Forgot Were On ‘Boy Meets World’

Boy Meets World was one of the great treasures on TV in the ’90s. Many famous actors appeared on the show, while they were already famous or just before they made it big. You may think you’re the biggest BMW fan, but how many of these people do you remember?

Rue McClanahan
Boy Meets World, Rue McClanahan
This Golden Girl was on BMW as Cory's grandma, Bernice Matthews. Remember the episode "Grandma is a Rolling Stone", where Cory is all excited to see her (duh, she's awesome), but then she leaves early?
Brittany Murphy
Boy Meets World, Brittany Murphy
The same year she was in Clueless, Brittany Murphy appeared on BMW as Trini, you know Topanga's friend that Cory asks on a date because Shawn and Topanga tricked him into thinking they were dating.
Shane West
Boy Meets World, Shane West
In the early '00s we loved Shane West, but before his fame from A Walk to Remember, he was that jerk Nick on BMW that kissed Topanga during one of her breaks with Cory.
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Larisa Oleynik
Boy Meets World, Larisa Oleynik
While she was busying portraying Alex Mack, Larisa Oleynik appeared on BMW as Dana Pruitt, the first girl that Shawn ever really had a crush on. She popped up a few times over the years, as one of those exes that kidnapped Shawn to teach him a lesson.
Andrew Keegan
Boy Meets World, Andrew Keegan
Before he was in 10 Things I Hate About You, Andrew Keegan's character Ronnie attempted to make a pass at Topanga, but ultimately failed.
Keri Russell
Boy Meets World, Keri Russell
Before she hit big as Felicity, Keri Russel was just Mr. Feeny's niece Jessica that Eric Matthews was obviously interested in.
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Linda Cardellini
Boy Meets World, Linda Cardellini
This Freaks and Geeks star appeared on BMW as the infamous Lauren, you know the girl Cory kisses while on his senior ski trip and totally messes up his relationship with Topanga over.
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Boy Meets World, Jennifer Love Hewitt
ABC via Getty Images
Remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt played Jennifer Love Fefferman, better known as Feffy, on BMW? Her cameo came in the episode where Shawn dreams there is a killer in the school, because he is subconsciously afraid of losing all his friends.
Adam Scott
Boy Meets World, Adam Scott
Way before he was Ben on Parks and Rec, Adam Scott's character Griff replaced Harley as the tough guy around John Adams High.
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Danny Strong
Boy Meets World, Danny Strong
Years before he was writing screenplays or scripts for The Hunger Games franchise and the hit series Empire, Danny Strong played Arthur in the episode "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter".
Nia Vardalos
Boy Meets World, Nia Vardalos
This My Big Fat Greek Wedding star played an uncredited waitress in one episode and then came back as Mrs. Gallagher in "Can I Help to Cheer You", the woman at the adoption agency, who tells Eric they found a good family for Tommy.
Candace Cameron Bure
Boy Meets World, Candace Cameron Bure
After her days as DJ Tanner, Candace Cameron Bure stopped by BMW to play Millie, a girl (sorry, witch) that Jack falls for and ditches his friends.
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Willie Garson
Boy Meets World, Willie Garson
This Sex and the City alum did triple time on BMW, he was Leonard Spinelli, Mervyn, and then finally, he was the minister at Cory and Topanga's wedding.
Melissa Joan Hart
Boy Meets World, Melissa Joan Hart
In the spirit of the crossover, Melissa Joan Hart dropped by on her broomstick as Sabrina Spellman in "The Witches of Pennbrook".
Lindsey McKeon
Boy Meets World, Lindsey McKeon
The One Tree Hill star was on BMW way before she moved to Tree Hill. She played Libby Harper, one of Shawn's ex-girlfriends who believes he is going to hurt Angela so she and some other exes kidnap him.
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Mena Suvari
Boy Meets World, Mena Suvari
Way before she was famous for American Beauty or American Pie, Mena Suvari played two different girls on BMW. She was Laura first in "Danger Boy" and then Hillary in "The Grass is Always Greener", where she's one of the girls at the party that Cory attends without Topanga.
Marcia Cross
Boy Meets World, Marcia Cross
This Desperate Housewives star first appeared on BMW as one of the actresses who played Topanga's mother.

Before you start yelling that we forgot people like Ethan Suplee, who later became famous for Remember The Titans, My Name is Earl, and Wolf of Wall Street – we expect that you didn’t forget him as he played Frankie for 4 years on BMW.