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12 Reasons Why Nathan and Haley Were the Best ‘One Tree Hill’ Couple

“Always and forever.” “Don’t say I never gave you anything.” If you’re a One Tree Hill fan, these quotes will always induce all the feels! Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) and Haley James Scott (Bethany Joy Lenz) will forever be known as Naley to us. The couple went through break ups, kidnappings and many other scandals to test their relationship but they still manage to find their way back to each other. Here are 12 reasons why Naley will always be the best OTH couple!

1. Their first kiss was everything!


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2. Do we even need to explain how perfect they are in the rain?


3. “Don’t say I never gave you anything.”


4. Nathan doesn’t even need to open his eyes to tell how Haley is feeling!


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5. They will be together “always and forever!”


6. When they got back together in season three after a long break-up, we got so many feels!


7. They had not one, but TWO romantic weddings that we secretly try to mimic when planning our own future weddings.


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8. Their voicemail greeting is perfect.


9. Even after years of marriage, they still have passion!


10. They are our relationship goals! But Brooke Davis says that a little better than us.


11. They love each other so much that Nathan doesn’t even care about jumping in the bathtub while fully-clothed.


12. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re also amazing parents.

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