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23 Signs You’re Actually Michelle Tanner

It’s been 20 years since Full House went off the air — just let that sink in. Though it’s been way too long since our screens were graced weekly with the adorable Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, their character, Michelle Tanner, remains as timeless as ever. We’ve always thought of her as our spirit animal.


1. You are just completely over couples.


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2. So over couples that you’ve considered a relationship with ice cream.


3. You’ve also fantasized about kissing Uncle Jesse. 


4. Your laughter is earned, not just given willy nilly.


5. You sometimes struggle with even the simplest domestic task.

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6. You’ve definitely tried to reason with snacks (after a night out).


7. You just ooze style.


8. You let people know when you’re just not having any of their ish.

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9. And won’t hesitate to call them out.


10. You only allow photos when you’re ready and there are Insta filters available.


11. You’d do anything for the things you want.


12. And you’re not always proud of it.


13. You’re not super good at girl talk, especially with those on-again-off-again types.


14. Your no means no.


15. Except when it doesn’t.


16. You don’t easily forget, especially when it comes to desserts.


17. You try to always listen to your dad…


18. …but it doesn’t always work.


19. You have some great business ideas.



20. You DGAF what you look like during meals.


21. You know that your best is always good enough. 


22. And you know that whatever you do is the best.




23. You got it, dude.


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