This Scene Was Too Gruesome To Air On ‘Game Of Thrones’


Fans of HBO‘s Game of Thrones know that you need to have a pretty strong stomach in order to handle the excessive amount of violence and gore that’s in the series. From beheadings to horrific battles, GoT fans have seen a lot over the past six seasons. From the Red Wedding to Joffrey’s poisoning, there is something oddly poetic about characters’ deaths on the show

Still, there was one scene that was too gruesome to air on Game Of Thrones. Last season, we finally got the death we’d been waiting for. The utterly horrendous Ramsay Snow met his end and we delighted in it! (So did Sansa.) After being beaten to a pulp by our boo Jon Snow, Ramsay got his face eaten off by his ravenous dogs. As satisfying as it was to watch Ramsay get eaten, the scene was actually supposed to be a lot more gruesome than what we actually saw.

Visual effects company Image Engine supervisor Mat Krentz,told Variety that the scene was put together by combining shots of the dogs and actor Iwan Rheon‘s face. A CG representation of Rheon’s jaw was also constructed so that there would be a shot of the dog ripping Ramsay’s jaw away from his face; his gums and skin being torn apart. Apparently, GoT‘s producers thought that the shot was entirely too horrific, so a more tame version made it to the finale episode.


For all that Ramsay did over the course of his reign of Game Of Thrones, we would have loved the more gruesome version. Like Sansa, we got some satisfaction out of it, but we could have gotten even more with the more bloody sequence. Oh well, we’re sure we’ll see a lot more heads roll when the seventh season of Game of Thrones premiere in the summer of 2017.