12 Times Carla Was The Voice of Reason On ‘Scrubs’

If there was one thing fans of Scrubs could always count on, it was Carla speaking her mind. On more than one occasion, she was a little out of line for doing so, but she was almost always right. If it weren’t for her, Elliot probably would have switched careers a long time ago, J.D. and Turk would definitely be dead in a ditch somewhere, and Dr. Cox would still be a totally miserable asshole (well, even more of an asshole). Everyone at Sacred Heart Hospital was better off because of Carla, even the Janitor.

1. When she questioned Turk’s organizing skills:

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2. The time she told J.D. how attitude worked:

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3. When she knew exactly what Elliot was up to:

Touchstone Televsion/tumblr.com

4. The time she put Turk in his place:

Touchstone Television/tumblr.com

5. When she tried explaining love to Elliot:

Touchstone Television/tumblr.com

6. When she was the only one to treat J.D. normally:


7. When she tried to motivate Dr. Cox:

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8. When she put her foot down about having sex with Turk:

Touchstone Television/tumblr.com

9. The time she called out the Janitor:

Touchstone Television/tumblr.com

10. When she pointed out Turk and J.D.’s bromance:

Touchstone Television/tumblr.com

11. When she threatened the Todd and got him to actually listen:

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12. And, when she didn’t even have to speak to get J.D. to apologize:

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