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What’s Next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe After ‘Luke Cage’?

By now you’ve had enough time to binge watch Luke Cage, Marvel’s latest attempt to dominate Netflix just as it’s dominated the cinema box office. You’ve probably also read think piece after think piece about how the show gets race right, or how stupidly good its soundtrack is. But there are bigger questions to deal with. What can we expect from the show’s second season? And how will it affect the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Obviously, spoilers ahead.

1. Luke Cage, Meet Matt Murdoch

As Luke is carted off by the feds in the season finale, Claire reminds him that she knows a really great lawyer. We all know who that is — so can we expect Matt Murdoch to appear in the show’s second season? Maybe — or it could just be set up for letting the characters cross paths in next year’s team-up series The Defenders.

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2. Diamondback Will Earn His Name

Diamonds are famously durable. So is Luke Cage. His DNA was apparently they key to the experiment that gave him his powers. Diamondback is secretly his brother. That means they share DNA. Diamondback ended up in the custody of the doctor that gave Cage his powers. You see where this is going…

3. The Cops Are Gearing Up

One of the show’s major plot points builds around the super-lethal Judas bullets and the machinations that eventually lead the police to start using them. They’re designed specifically to tackle Luke Cage, but it marks a shift in the cops’ willingness to invest in taking down superpowered threats. Expect to see the police wielding some new gear by the time Iron Fist appears on Netflix next year.


4. Martial Arts Classes

Speaking of Iron Fist, it looks like we know how Claire is going to end up on that show (making her four for four). In the finale, she grabs a flyer for self-defense classes run by one Colleen Wing — who keen Marvel fans will know as an Iron Fist staple, set to appear in next year’s martial arts series played by Jessica Henwick.

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5. Hammer Time

All of the high-tech gear in Luke Cage, from the Judas bullets to Diamondback’s powered supersuit, come from Hammer Industries — the company run by Iron Man 2 villain Justin Hammer. He’s in prison now (Seagate as it happens — where Luke served time) but it looks like the company is still up to no good, and could have a bigger role yet to play in the MCU.

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