BuzzWatch Video: The 12 Most Absurd Things Arnold Schwarzenegger Ever Said

Despite the countless mocking impersonations it has inspired, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s distinct accent is actually kind of a godsend: people are so affixed by the way the Terminator speaks that they might not actually catch half of the absurd things he says. And there are plenty. But luckily, the people behind the above BuzzWatch video have a keen ear for outlandish statements, as they have mustered a dozen of the actor and politician’s most eye-rolling remarks.

Credit: WENN

With subject matter ranging from acting and politics to fitness and physical health to spirituality and death (oh yes, he gets rather deep), Schwarzenegger manages to lay waste to rational thought in all realms known to man. Check out the video for a few quick laughs, bearing in mind that this man ran California. For seven years.

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