Eminem Wishes Ex Carey ‘All the Best’

Eminem has played down his war of words with Nick Cannon after poking fun at the actor’s marriage to Mariah Carey in a controversial new song, insisting he only wishes them “the best.”

The “Without Me” hitmaker — real name Marshall Mathers III — sparked a feud with Cannon after referencing his brief relationship with Carey in “Bagpipes from Baghdad.”

On the track, Eminem raps, “Nick Cannon better back the f**k up. I’m not playing, I want her back, you punk. Nick Cannon, you pr**k, I wish you luck with that f**kin’ whore.”

Cannon, who wed the singer last year after a whirlwind romance, fumed over the lyrics and vowed that Eminem’s words will have “repercussions.”

But Eminem is adamant that he’s not looking for a fight, admitting his words were “a little harsh” and that Cannon’s reaction is fully understandable.

He says, “As a kid (I had a crush on Carey), definitely. With the song ‘Bagpipes from Baghdad,’ there’s a line on there, I mean, I kinda spazzed out on that record but I guess I spazzed out on every record.

“There’s a line on there that was a little harsh, you know, it’s a harsh line, it was pretty intense… but the way I look at it, I said it, I had no idea he was going to take it like he took it. I had no idea Nick Cannon was gonna start wilin’ out on me…

“I heard about some of the things he was saying; I didn’t read his blog or anything. …He’s supposed to defend his wife. I expected him to do that. But at the end of the day, it’s a line I said — I meant to say I wish them the best. That’s what I meant to say… I didn’t plan on taking it (to battling), hopefully it doesn’t, but you know, it is what it is.”

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