Jennifer Jason Leigh

Movie critic Rex Reed accurately described the characters in Jennifer Jason Leigh's gallery as a collection of "sluts and nuts," but the soft-spoken actress affectionately refers to the hookers, drug addicts and head ... Read more »
Born: 02/05/1962 in Los Angeles, California, USA


Actor (85)

Alex of Venice 2015 (Movie)

Maureen (Actor)

The Hateful Eight 2015 (Movie)

Daisy Domergue AKA "The Prisoner" (Actor)

Welcome to Me 2015 (Movie)

Deb Moseley (Actor)

Amityville: The Reawakening 2014 (Movie)

Joan (Actor)

Hateship Loveship 2014 (Movie)

Chloe (Actor)

Jake Squared 2014 (Movie)

Sheryl (Actor)

The Moment 2014 (Movie)

Lee (Actor)

Kill Your Darlings 2013 (Movie)

Naomi Ginsberg (Actor)

The Spectacular Now 2013 (Movie)

Sara (Actor)

Revenge 2012 (Tv Show)


Weeds 2009 - 2012 (Tv Show)


Greenberg 2010 (Movie)

Beth (Actor)

Synecdoche, New York 2008 (Movie)

Maria (Actor)

Margot at the Wedding 2007 (Movie)

Pauline (Actor)

Palindromes 2005 (Movie)

Aviva (Actor)

Rag Tale 2005 (Movie)

Mary Josephine "MJ" Morton (Actor)

The Directors 1998 - 2005 (TV Show)


The Jacket 2005 (Movie)

Dr. Lorenson (Actor)

Childstar 2004 (Movie)

Suzanne Burnbaum (Actor)

The Machinist 2004 (Movie)

Stevie (Actor)

In the Cut 2003 (Movie)

Pauline (Actor)

Adventures From the Book of Virtues 1996 - 2002 (TV Show)


Hey Arnold! the Movie 2002 (Movie)

Voice of Bridget (Actor)

Road to Perdition 2002 (Movie)

Annie Sullivan (Actor)

Frasier 2001 (Tv Show)


Skipped Parts 2001 (Movie)

Lydia Callahan (Actor)

The Anniversary Party 2001 (Movie)

Sally Therrian (Actor)

The King is Alive 2001 (Movie)

Gina (Actor)

The Quickie 2001 (Movie)

Lisa (Actor)

Twitch City 2000 - 2001 (TV Show)


Disney's Hercules 1998 - 2000 (TV Show)


Existenz 1999 (Movie)

Allegra Geller (Actor)

Fast Food Films 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)


Inside the Actors Studio 1999 (Tv Show)


Todd McFarlane's Spawn 1996 - 1999 (TV Show)


Tracey Takes On... 1995 - 1999 (TV Show)


King of the Hill 1997 - 1998 (Tv Show)


The Love Letter 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)


Tracey Takes On... The Best of III 1997 - 1998 (TV Show)


A Thousand Acres 1997 (Movie)

Caroline Cook (Actor)

Washington Square 1997 (Movie)

Catherine Sloper (Actor)

Kansas City 1996 (Movie)

Blondie O'Hara (Actor)

Dolores Claiborne 1995 (Movie)

Selena St George (Actor)

Georgia 1995 (Movie)

Sadie (Actor)

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle 1994 (Movie)

Dorothy Parker (Actor)

The Hudsucker Proxy 1994 (Movie)

Amy Archer (Actor)

Short Cuts 1993 (Movie)

Lois Kaiser (Actor)

49th Annual Golden Globe Awards 1991 - 1992 (TV Show)


Single White Female 1992 (Movie)

Hedra Carlson (Actor)

Backdraft 1991 (Movie)

Jennifer Vaitkus (Actor)

Crooked Hearts 1991 (Movie)

Marriet (Actor)

Rush 1991 (Movie)

Kristen Cates (Actor)

The Prom 1991 (Movie)

Lana (Actor)

Buried Alive 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


Last Exit to Brooklyn 1990 (Movie)

Tralala (Actor)

Miami Blues 1990 (Movie)

Susie Waggoner (Actor)

Partners in Life 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


Heart of Midnight 1989 (Movie)

Carol Rivers (Actor)

The Big Picture 1989 (Movie)

Lydia Johnson (Actor)

Sister, Sister 1988 (Movie)

Lucy Bonnard (Actor)

Picnic 1986 - 1987 (TV Show)


Under Cover 1987 (Movie)

Tanille LaRoux (Actor)

The Hitcher 1986 (Movie)

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The Men's Club 1986 (Movie)

Teensy (Actor)

Flesh + Blood 1985 (Movie)

Agnes (Actor)

Girls of the White Orchid 1983 - 1984 (TV Show)


Grandview, U.S.A. 1984 (Movie)

Candy Webster (Actor)

Easy Money 1983 (Movie)

Allison Capuletti (Actor)

The First Time 1982 - 1983 (TV Show)


Fast Times At Ridgemont High 1982 (Movie)

Stacy Hamilton (Actor)

Wrong Is Right 1982 (Movie)

Young Girl (Actor)

Eyes of a Stranger 1981 (Movie)

Tracy (Actor)

I Think I'm Having a Baby 1980 - 1981 (TV Show)


Angel City (TV Show)


Bastard Out of Carolina (TV Show)


Crossed Over (TV Show)


Just Like Us (Movie)


Thanks of a Grateful Nation (TV Show)

Producer (4)

Greenberg 2010 (Movie)


Skipped Parts 2001 (Movie)


The Anniversary Party 2001 (Movie)


Georgia 1995 (Movie)

Writer (2)

Greenberg 2010 (Movie)

(Story By)

The Anniversary Party 2001 (Movie)

Music (1)

Georgia 1995 (Movie)

("Almost Blues" "Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You" "Hard Times" "Hava Nagila" "If I Wanted" "I'll Be Your Mirror" "Midnight Train to Georgia" "Optimistic Voices" "Sally Can't Dance" "Take Me Back" "Take Me To Arunda" "Walk On The Wild Side" "Whose Honey Are Y (Song Performer)
Director (1)

The Anniversary Party 2001 (Movie)

(Co-Director) (Director)
Other (2)

The Man Who Wasn't There 2001 (Movie)

(Special Thanks)

O Brother, Where Art Thou? 2000 (Movie)

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Movie critic Rex Reed accurately described the characters in Jennifer Jason Leigh's gallery as a collection of "sluts and nuts," but the soft-spoken actress affectionately refers to the hookers, drug addicts and head cases she has played as a group of vulnerable, injured women she is thrilled to get to know on-screen, but grateful she doesn't encounter in real life. A versatile young actress, Leigh possesses intelligence and candor, which have made her one of the leading talents of her generation.


Mina Badie

Born in 1970 appeared with sister in "Mrs. Parker and Vicious Circle" (1994),"Georgia" (1995) and "The Anniversary Party"(2001)

Reza Badiyi

Divorced from Barbara Turner c. 1979

Noah Baumbach Screenplay

Dated for four years before getting married in 2005 on Labor Day weekend Leigh filed for divorce in November 2010

Bruno Kirby Actor

No longer together

Vic Morrow

Played the lead role in ABC's "Combat!" from 1962-1967 died in controversial helicopter accident on the set of "Twilight Zone: The Movie" (1982)

Carrie Morrow

Born in 1958 reportedly was a heroin addict

Jason Patric Actor

Co-starred in "Rush" (1991) Began dating 1993 Split 1994

Eric Stoltz Actor

Dated c. 1988 No longer together

Barbara Turner

Divorced Morrow c. 1964 later married and divorced director Reza Badiyi


California State University, Northridge

Northridge , California
Attended summers at the Teenage Drama Workshop; met Mare Winningham

Palisades High School

Los Angeles , California
Dropped out to pursue acting

The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute

Los Angeles , California



Featured in the drama "The Spectacular Now"


Appeared on the soapy drama "Revenge"


Co-starred on Broadway in "The House of Blue Leaves," with Edie Falco and Ben Stiller


Co-wrote with husband Noah Baumbach, the screenplay for "Greenberg"; also acted in the film, which was directed by Baumbach


Joined the cast of Showtime's "Weeds" in a recurring role as Nancy's (Mary-Louise Parker) sister Jill Price-Gray


Directed by her husband, Noah Baumbach in "Margot at the Wedding"; earned an Independent Spirit Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actress


Cast in the thriller "The Jacket" with Adrien Brody and Kris Kristofferson


Starred opposite Christian Bale in "The Machinist"


Appeared in "Road to Perdition" direceted by Sam Mendes


Cast with Meg Ryan in "In the Cut," directed by Jane Campion


Played convicted murderer Karla Faye Tucked in CBS TV Movie "Crossed Over"


Co-wrote, co-directed and co-starred in "The Anniversary Party" with her "Cabaret" co-star and friend Alan Cumming


Returned to Broadway succeeding Mary-Louise Parker as the lead in "Proof"


Co-starred in "The Quickie"


Featured in "The King Is Alive" (Dogma 4) about a group of passengers who decide to stage "King Lear" when their bus breaks down in the desert; premiered at Cannes Film Festival


Starred in the romantic drama "Skipped Parts" with Brad Renfro


Played a computer game designer in David Cronenberg's bizarre sci-fi drama "eXistenZ" opposite Jude Law


Replaced Natasha Richardson as Sally Bowles in "Cabaret" on Broadway; first collaboration with Alan Cumming


Vocal talents featured in episode of Disney's animated TV series "Hercules: The Wonder Boy Years"


Co-starred with Campbell Scott in the Hallmark TV period romance "The Love Letter" (CBS)


Featured as the favorite daughter of a molesting father (Jason Robards) in "A Thousand Acres," loosely based on Shakespeare's "King Lear"


Lent voice to a character on the animated sci-fi series "Spawn"


Re-teamed with Altman for the jazz era "Kansas City"


Was praised for her performance in Anjelica Huston's directorial debut "Bastard Out of Carolina" (Showtime)


Starred as Kathy Bates' disturbed writer daughter in "Dolores Claiborne," the film adaptation of Stephen King's novel


Wrote, co-produced, starred and sang in "Georgia," a drama written by her mother and loosely based on her sister's battle's with heroin addiction and self-image problems


Played title character in the period drama "Mrs Parker and the Vicious Circle"; first film with Campbell Scott


Featured as harried young mother/phone-sex operator in Robert Altman's "Short Cuts"


Had memorable role as Bridget Fonda's psychotic roommate in "Single White Female"


Was blasted by critics for her rare appearance as 'the girlfriend' in Ron Howard's blockbuster "Backdraft"


Played a drug-addicted undercover cop in "Rush"


Turned in searing performance as a gang-raped hooker in the gritty drama "Last Exit to Brooklyn"


NY stage debut, "Sunshine" off-Broadway at Circle Repertory Theatre


Breakthrough performance in poignant teen comedy "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"


TV-movie debut in "Angel City" on CBS


Film debut in the low-budget horror flick "Eyes of a Stranger"


First TV appearance, "The Young Runaways" on "World of Disney" (NBC)


Stage acting debut in "Man of Destiny"

Cast in pivotal role in Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut"; because of scheduling conflicts was unavailable for re-shoots and was replaced by actress Marie Richardson

Bonus Trivia


When Leigh went to join the Screen Actors Guild, there was already a member named Jennifer Leigh; she added the Jason in honor of actor Jason Robards, a close family friend. (People, Oct. 13, 1997).


"There's something nice about blowing an illusion. I'm a really shy person. But when I'm in character, I can do what that character does. It's a much freer place." - Leigh quoted in Time Out New York, Nov. 22-29, 1995


"These are women we watch and are either horrified by or thrilled by or we're thanking God we don't live those lives. By acting it, you get to communicate something that's deeper than any label, like white trash, or junkie. And of course, they're much more challenging characters." - Leigh on her choice of roles in "Jason Leigh Lost in 'Georgia'" in Daily News, Dec. 4, 1995


"I like knowing very little about actors, because when I'm watching a performance, I like to believe that person is who they're playing." - Leigh on why she rarely talks about her personal life to the press, quoted in Chicago Tribune, Oct. 23, 1997


"I'd like to do an action movie one day. I like doing tae kwon do. I can kick really high." - Leigh to the New York Post, April 18, 1999


"She is a sensational actress, probably the best in America. But socially I felt no connection to her at all. I found her neutral. When she acts, it all comes out, all the devils and the angels. She's tortured. She's diabolical. She can be anything. Yet in real life it's almost as if she doesn't exist, as if she's always waiting for acting, and the acting is the real life. I drove her into a pit of filth and she never complained." - Paul Verhoeven, who directed Leigh in "Flesh & Blood", quoted in The London Times, April 26, 1999


When Leigh was twenty years old, her father was accidentally killed while shooting "Twilight Zone: The Movie" (1983). Leigh and her sister filed suit against Warner Brothers, John Landis, and Steven Spielberg. They settled out of court a year later, but the terms of the settlement have never been made public.