Marilyn Monroe

Actor, Negative cutter, Model
In life, Marilyn Monroe possessed a unique combination of earthy sexuality and childlike innocence, which informed every aspect of her brief but memorable career as an actress in films like "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" ... Read more »
Born: 06/01/1926 in Los Angeles, California, USA


Actor (31)

The Misfits 1961 (Movie)

Roslyn Taber (Actor)

Let's Make Love 1960 (Movie)

Amanda (Actor)

Some Like It Hot 1959 (Movie)

Sugar (Actor)

The Prince and the Showgirl 1957 (Movie)

Elsie (Actor)

Bus Stop 1956 (Movie)

Cherie (Actor)

The Seven Year Itch 1955 (Movie)

Girl (Actor)

River of No Return 1954 (Movie)

Kay Weston (Actor)

There's No Business Like Show Business 1954 (Movie)

Vicky (Actor)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953 (Movie)

Lorelei Lee (Actor)

Niagara 1953 (Movie)

Rose Loomis (Actor)

Clash By Night 1952 (Movie)

Peggy (Actor)

Don't Bother to Knock 1952 (Movie)

Nell Forbes (Actor)

How to Marry a Millionaire 1952 (Movie)

Pola Debevoise (Actor)

Monkey Business 1952 (Movie)

Lois Laurel (Actor)

O. Henry's Full House 1952 (Movie)

Streetwalker (Actor)

We're Not Married 1952 (Movie)

Annabel Jones Norris (Actor)

Home Town Story 1951 (Movie)

Iris Martin (Actor)

Let's Make It Legal 1951 (Movie)

Joyce Mannering (Actor)

A Ticket to Tomahawk 1950 (Movie)

Clara (Actor)

All About Eve 1950 (Movie)

Miss Caswell (Actor)

As Young As You Feel 1950 (Movie)

Harriet (Actor)

Love Nest 1950 (Movie)


Right Cross 1950 (Movie)


The Asphalt Jungle 1950 (Movie)

Angela Phinlay (Actor)

The Fireball 1950 (Movie)

Polly (Actor)

Ladies of the Chorus 1949 (Movie)

Peggy Martin (Actor)

Love Happy 1948 (Movie)

Grunion's Client (Actor)

Scudda-Hoo! Scudda-Hay! 1948 (Movie)


Dangerous Years 1946 (Movie)


The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (Movie)

Music (8)

Burlesque 2010 (Movie)

"Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (Swing Cats Mix)" (Song Performer)

Town & Country 2001 (Movie)

("Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend") (Song Performer)

Calendar Girl 1993 (Movie)

("Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend") (Song)

Heavy Petting 1989 (Movie)

("Old Black Magic") (Song Performer)

Marilyn Times Five 1973 (Movie)

("I'm Through With Love") (Song Performer)

Some Like It Hot 1959 (Movie)

("Running Wild" "I Wanna Be Loved By You" "I'm Through With Love") (Song Performer)

Niagara 1953 (Movie)

("Kiss") (Song Performer)

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio? (TV Show)

Song Performer


In life, Marilyn Monroe possessed a unique combination of earthy sexuality and childlike innocence, which informed every aspect of her brief but memorable career as an actress in films like "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (1953), "The Seven Year Itch" (1955) and "Some Like It Hot" (1959). Those same qualities helped to preserve her in the annals of Hollywood history after her untimely and controversial death in 1962, when she transcended the bounds of stardom to become an iconic figure discussed, celebrated and excoriated in countless biographies and merchandise. Eventually, she became a prism for the world to view all manner of dichotomous socio-political issues: the heights and price of success, the adoration and exploitation of women, the truth and fiction behind the Hollywood dream. All of these elements kept Monroe relevant to pop culture and history, as well as economically viable, long after other celebrities had faded from memory. And though many studio-created sex symbols came before and after Monroe, it was her unique vulnerability - women wanted to be her; men wanted to protect her - that made her stand out from the crowd. Sadly, the men her life could never fill the void made by her tragic childhood and her one true love would ultimately end up being the camera, to which she revealed the real Norma Jean in all her beauty and torment.


Bernice Miracle


Gladys Baker

spent years institutionalized for psychiatric problems

Charles Chaplin Jr. Actor


Joe DiMaggio

introduced in 1950 married in January 1954 divorced October in 1954 died at age 84 on March 8, 1999

Jim Dougherty

married on June 19, 1942 divorced in September 1946 worked at Lockheed with Robert Mitchum

C Gifford


Eleanor Goddard

Foster Sibling
born in December 1926 died on February 11, 2000

Arthur Miller Actor

Married June 29, 1956 Divorced Jan. 20, 1961

Yves Montand Actor


Edward Mortenson

deserted Gladys Baker before daughter was born

Hal Schaefer Actor

Reportedly together during Nov. 5, 1954 "wrong door raid" led by Frank Sinatra and Monroe's ex-husband Joe DiMaggio


Van Nuys High School

Van Nuys , California
attended from 1940

Emerson Junior High School

Morris Carnovsky Actor's Lab

studied acting with Natasha Lytess

studied acting with Michael Chekhov

Actors Studio

New York , New York 1955
Lee Strasberg became Monroe's personal drama coach



Fired by 20th Century-Fox


Signed seven-year contract with Fox


Signed contract with Columbia; dropped after one film


Screen test at 20th Century-Fox; signed contract that was dropped the following year


Became model at Blue Book Agency

Formed Marilyn Monroe productions with photographer Milton H Greene

Was raised in a succession of foster homes