Max von Sydow

Actor, Director
After his training at Stockholm's Royal Dramatic Theatre School, actor Max von Sydow became recognized as his native Sweden's foremost film star, thanks to his long-running collaboration with acclaimed director Ingmar ... Read more »
Born: 04/10/1929 in Sweden


Actor (117)

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After his training at Stockholm's Royal Dramatic Theatre School, actor Max von Sydow became recognized as his native Sweden's foremost film star, thanks to his long-running collaboration with acclaimed director Ingmar Bergman. Both von Sydow and Bergman triumphantly emerged onto the international film scene with "The Seventh Seal" (1957), an existential meditation on death that was long after considered to be one of the greatest foreign films ever made. The actor and director continued their collaboration for the next several years, churning out complicated and often surreal films like "The Magician" (1958) and "The Virgin Spring" (1960) that earned international accolades and awards. When von Sydow crossed the Atlantic to appear in Hollywood films, however, he was initially consigned to playing stern, unsympathetic characters. He finally had a breakthrough playing the titular role in "The Exorcist" (1973), playing the immortal Father Merrin in a film that forever cemented von Sydow into cinema history. Ever since then, he was able to branch out and explore a variety of compelling roles, which culminated in an Academy Award nomination for his performance in "Pelle the Conqueror" (1988), which only confirmed the notion of von Sydow being Sweden's modern-day Laurence Olivier.


Carl Wilhelm von Sydow

Professor of ethnology, Irish, Scandinavian and comparative folklore at the University of Lund

Greta von Sydow


Claes Wilhelm von Sydow

Mother, Kerstin Olin

Per Henrik von Sydow

Mother, Kerstin Olin

Catherine Brelet Assistant

Married April 30, 1997 in Provence, France

Christina Olin

Married 1951 Divorced 1979

Cedric Brelet von Sydow Actor

Mother, Catherine Brelet

Yvan von Sydow

Mother, Catherine Brelet


The Cathedral School

Royal Dramatic Theatre

1948 - 1951



Cast opposite Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock in the 9/11 drama "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"


Cast as Sir Walter Loxley opposite Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott's adaptation of "Robin Hood"


Played a physician at a hospital for the criminally insane in Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island"


Joined the cast of "The Tudors" (Showtime) for the third season, playing Cardinal Von Waldburg


Played a French ambassador in the action comedy sequel "Rush Hour 3"


Played the mentor character Eyvind in the German-made sword-and-sorcery epic "Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King"


Cast as the corrupt director of the futuristic pre-crime unit in Steven Spielberg's sci-fi thriller "Minority Report"


Acted in Scott Hicks' "Snow Falling on Cedars," playing a defense attorney for a Japanese-American man on trial for the murder of his close friend


Guided a distraught man (Robin Williams) across the River Styx in "What Dreams May Come"


Acted the role of an aging priest and mentor in Liv Ullman's "Private Confessions"; written by Ingmar Bergman


Appeared in the based-on-real-life serial killer drama "Citizen X" (HBO)


Re-teamed with Stallone as Judge Fargo in "Judge Dredd"


Portrayed a devilish antique store owner in "Needful Things"


Played a priest in "The Ox"; directed by Bergman’s long-time cinematographer Sven Nykvist


Re-teamed with Bille August for "Best Intentions"; scripted by Bergman


Starred as Father Siemes in the NBC movie "Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes"


Made feature directing and screenwriting debut with "Katinka"; shot by Bergman's cameraman Sven Nykvist


Played a humble old Swedish widower struggling for survival alongside his son in Bille August's "Pelle the Conqueror"; earned an Oscar nomination for Best Actor


Delivered an excellent turn as Barbara Hershey's artist-lover in Woody Allen's "Hannah and Her Sisters"


Appeared as the arch-villain Blofeld in the James Bond film "Never Say Never Again"


Starred in Troell's "The Flight of the Eagle," about a foolhearty but heroic real-life balloon expedition to the North Pole


Played the commander of a German prisoner of war camp in "Victory," co-starring Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine


Portrayed Ming the Merciless in "Flash Gordon"


Reprised Father Merrin for "Exorcist II: The Heretic"


Made Broadway debut in "The Night of the Tribades"


Played Alsatian hit-man Joubert in Sydney Pollack's "Three Days of the Condor"


Battled the Devil as Father Merrin in William Friedkin's "The Exorcist"


Appeared in the documentary film "Ingmar Bergman"


Co-starred with Ullmann in Jan Troell's two-part "The Emigrants" (1971) and "The New Land" (1972)


Last film with Bergman as director, "The Touch"


Acted in John Huston's "The Kremlin Letter"


First film with Liv Ullmann, Bergman's "Shame"


Made U.S. TV debut as Otto Frank in an adaptation of "The Diary of Anne Frank" (ABC)


Portrayed a knuckle-cracking Nazi in "The Quiller Memorandum"


First film with director Jan Troell, "Here Is Your Life"


First U.S. film, playing Jesus in George Stevens' "The Greatest Story Ever Told"


Starred in Bergman's "The Virgin Spring" as a distraught father who avenges the murder of his daughter


Played the title role in Bergman's "The Magician"


First film for director Ingmar Bergman, "The Seventh Seal"


Brought to Malmo Stadsteater by Bergman, who was the chief director of the municipal theater in Malmo


Made feature acting debut in "Bara en Mora/Only a Mother"


Served in Swedish Quartermaster Corps

Worked at the Royal Dramatic Theatre of Stockholm under Ingmar Bergman

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Von Sydow received the Royal Foundation of Sweden's Cultural Award in 1954.


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