‘Potter’ Takes on ‘Transformers’ at the Online Box Office

Advance sales of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince have rocketed
in the last few days, with cinema companies predicting the film is on
course to oust Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as the 2009’s
fastest selling movie.

The Transformers sequel is currently sitting on top of the American
movie charts and has become the biggest film of the year globally,
grossing a staggering $600 million in just 12 days.But
the robots’ crown could soon be snatched away by Daniel Radcliffe‘s
‘Potter’ – with the sixth movie in the magical franchise accounting for
65 per cent of all online tickets sold in the week before its release.

Rick Butler, head of online ticket company Fandango, tells the
Hollywood Reporter, “The Half-Blood Prince is turning out to be one of
our fastest-selling titles of the year.”

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opens on July 15.

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