ABC Blackout Lifted! Regis Lives!

Praise the Lord. Time Warner agreed today to return ABC to its cable systems (at least until July 15), restoring fine wares such as “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” “All My Children” and “Two Guys and a Girl” to a deprived TV nation.

On Monday at midnight, the cable giant pulled the plug on the No. 1-rated network. That move — the result of a really mature corporate tiff with ABC parent company Disney — left 3.5 million households nationwide bereft of the alphabet net’s programming.

Somehow we all managed to survive the night — even those of us in New York, Houston and parts of Los Angeles who were forced to make due with rival ABC shows such as “Becker.”

For those of you who missed “Millionaire” last night, here’s what happened: David Duchovny (“The X-Files”) made it to the $125,000 round on the first night of celebrity week. It was really funny when he said …

Well, you had to be there.