Adrienne Bailon embarrassed by bible study encounter

Singer/actress Adrienne Bailon was recently left embarrassed after a fan recognised her and asked for a photo together during a bible study session. The former Cheetah Girls star reveals she wanted to reconnect with her spiritual side and signed up to join a group at a local bakery, but she quickly realised her fame was interfering with the meeting.
She says, “I’m trying to be mature and get my life together, so I decided to join a bible study group. When I got there, it kind of felt like an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting in the sense where you have to introduce yourself…
“One of the girls there was like, ‘Oh my god, I love you from the Cheetah Girls,’ and I love that, but at the same time I was kind of like, embarrassed…
“It was a little awkward… She wanted to take pictures, so of course you take the pictures. I felt so bad, because I didn’t want to say no to the pictures, but I was a little uncomfortable in that sense…”