Bill Cosby Ex: ‘I Was Drugged by the Comic Too’

The mother of funnyman Bill Cosby‘s lovechild is far from surprised the
comedian is in the middle of a new sexual misconduct scandal–because she
alleges he once drugged her for sex.

Shawn Upshaw claims the troubled comic, who is accused of drugging and
molesting a Canadian woman at his home in January 2004, once drugged a cocktail
before bedding her at his home in Beverly Hills.

Upshaw tells tabloid National Enquirer, “He fixed me a drink that
looked strange to me–there were several layers of color to it.

“I didn’t want to drink it, but he kept telling me to finish it, and I did. I
immediately felt very out of sorts. I knew definitely that I had been heavily

“Finally he took me to the bedroom and put me to bed. That’s the last I
remember of the night. I woke up in the morning knowing I’d had sex during my

Cosby‘s Canadian accuser has given a similar story to the authorities in her
complaint, claiming she woke the morning after spending the night at the
comedian’s Philadelphia area home with her clothes in disarray.

Cosby‘s attorney John Schmitt, who has discredited the new claims against his
client, insists the funnyman’s ex-lover is also not to be believed.

He says, “These statements now by her are ridiculous. They’re complete

Police in Philadelphia have been interviewing Cosby about the claims against

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