Catherine Deneuve slams Gerard Depardieu for leaving France

Hollywood veteran Catherine Deneuve has criticised fellow French star Gerard Depardieu for leaving their native country to avoid high tax rates. The Green Card actor moved away from his homeland in 2012 in a bid to avoid a proposed tax hike on the wealthy and he now splits his time between Russia and Belgium, where he was granted citizenship.
Deneuve, who co-starred with Depardieu in 2010 comedy Potiche, has now taken aim at her former colleague and accused him of setting a bad example.
She tells The Hollywood Reporter, “He doesn’t want to live in France because he doesn’t want to pay the taxes that we (have) now in France. I think Gerard is now more able to keep what he has, like some rich people who want to keep their money outside of France. I don’t think it’s an example to follow, but I don’t think it’ll last very long. I don’t think you can be for very long a citizen of nowhere.”