Chris Rock Explains Jude Law Joke

LATEST: Oscars host Chris Rock made a point of making a friend of actor Sean Penn backstage after the Academy Awards on Sunday after the two men
appeared to fall out over Jude Law.

Rock poked fun at the British star during the ceremony, quipping, “Who is
Jude Law? Why is he in every movie I have seen in the last four years. He’s in

And Penn seemed to take offence when, before handing out the Best Actress
prize, he berated Rock, stating, “He’s (Law) one of our finest actors.”

But Rock insists he made peace with Penn and still has no regrets about
mocking the Alfie star.

He says, “I talked to Sean backstage and we’re cool and what I said was the

“It’s just a joke. Jude Law probably made a scillion (sic) dollars this year.
I would never hit a person that’s down. Jude Law‘s fine. I’ll go and see
another Jude Law movie; maybe he’ll put me in one of his movies.”

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