David Koepp to receive top Writers Guild of America award

The man behind the scripts for movies like Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible and 2002’s Spider-Man will be presented with the Ian McClellan Hunter Award from the Writers Guild of America, East organisation in recognition of his extensive filmography at the New York prizegiving on 17 February (13).

Koepp will follow in the footsteps of previous honourees Nora Ephron, Walter Bernstein, Robert Benton and Marshall Brickman, among others.

A statement issued by Koepp reads: “I’m honoured and very grateful… To be mentioned in the same breath with the other people who’ve received the Hunter award gives me something to live up to – it’s a humbling and compelling reason to keep typing.”

Other works on the writer’s resume include Carlito’s Way, Panic Room, War of the Worlds and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He also directed last year’s action thriller Premium Rush.

The Writers Guild of America will celebrate its honourees simultaneously on both the east and the west coasts – a second Writers Guild Awards ceremony will also take place in Los Angeles.