Devo plan first tour in 40 years without late guitarist

New wave act Devo have announced plans to tour a month after the death of guitarist Bob Casale. The summer (14) tour is dedicated to Casale’s memory.
Last month (Feb13), Casale’s bandmate brother Jerry told Rolling Stone that plans for the tour were in place before the guitarist’s death.
He said, “What we had planned for the 40th anniversary was to go out live and play all the early, experimental songs we wrote that appeared on Hardcore Devo. We haven’t played those songs in 40 years. Songs like Mechanical Man, Space Girl Blues, She Didn’t Know I Was a Midget.
“We wanted to show people what we were doing at the time by using the same instruments, really hardcore and raw. We were the White Stripes and the Black Keys in an era before those guys.”
The gigs, which will begin in Maryland on 18 June (14), will mark the group’s first without Bob Casale since he joined the group in 1974.