Green Hornet Williams suffers heart attack

Actor Van Williams had to be airlifted to hospital after falling ill on 3 October (11) – just five days before he was scheduled to attend a movie and TV convention in Hollywood.

Williams, who played Britt Reid on TV, tells the Globe, “I had a heart attack. If they hadn’t gotten me there (to hospital), they don’t know what would have happened.”

The 77 year old adds, “I was trying to install a battery when I felt a huge pain in my chest. It was the most intensive pain I’ve ever had. I could barely move, but I staggered over to where I could alert my wife and she ended up calling 911.”

The actor was flown to a Twin Falls medical centre, where medics treated him for a blocked artery.

Williams was released from hospital after a few days and he is now back at home recovering.