Heath Loves Heather, George Loves Lucy

Love is in the air for Heath Ledger and George Clooney. Or so says the rumor mill. Gossip columnist Jeannette Walls of MSNBC says that Heath “The Patriot” Ledger and “The Spy Who Shagged Me” starlet Heather Graham have hooked up, baby.

But that’s only half the story, Walls surmises. Graham and actor-director Ed Burns called it quits just last month. Burns reportedly dumped Graham to chase after his ex — the ex-Mrs. Jim Carrey — Lauren Holly.

And Aussie Adonis Ledger told Vanity Fair in its August edition that’s he’s single now, and that his last relationship, with model Christina Cauchi, was crushed by his red-hot-and-rising career.

Representatives for Ledger and Graham have denied the rumors, of course. The duo are currently in the Czech city of Prague, shooting upcoming and separate films.

OK, enough of that.

Lucy Liu In other blossoming love news, Walls, Fashion Wire Daily and the Calgary Sun (those wacky Canadians unearth everything!) are all linking “The Perfect Storm” heartthrob George Clooney with one of the new “Charlie’s Angels” gals. No, not Cameron Diaz, but Lucy Liu of “Ally McBeal” fame.

The Sun reports that the secretive couple arrived at “The Perfect Storm” premiere separately to keep things “low key.” Uh, OK. Good enough for us.

Liu was recently linked to a post-Winona Ryder Matt Damon, and, ironically, Clooney allegedly was recently spotted macking with Ryder.

What an incestuous world we live in.