It’s a Must-See night for NBC again

With CBS’s Survivor totally out of the picture, NBC’s Must-See-TV shows soared Sunday night, particularly E.R. and Friends, each of which pulled bigger ratings than the Survivor finale two weeks ago. The season finale of Friends, in which Chandler and Monica were married, drew a 21.8 rating and a 33 share. E.R. pulled the highest numbers of the night (and undoubtedly, for the week) with a 22.3/34. (By comparison, the May 3 Survivor episode scored a 21.4/31.) Even the hour-long episode of Will & Grace, managed to attract bigger numbers — 15.1/22 — than CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation — 13.3/19 — which lacked a Survivor lead-in. NBC dominated the night with a 19.7/27 share. CBS was far behind with a 9.2/14. ABC, even with the help of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, managed only a 6.8/10, while Fox flopped with a 3.9/6.