Jason Biggs takes aim at TV show for criticising his baby announcement

Actor Jason Biggs delivered a foul-mouthed rant against the newsmakers on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America during a TV chat on Monday (16Jun14) after they dedicated a segment of their show to his baby announcement In February (14). To mark little Sid’s arrival, the American Pie star and his actress wife Jenny Mollen posted a series of images on Instagram and they were stunned to get negative feedback from people who felt they were “over-sharing”.
Taking aim at his critics during an appearance on U.S. chat show Chelsea Lately, Biggs explained, “I had documented Jenny’s labour and delivery… I videoed everything and a couple of days later, Jenny wanted to go through my footage… and we decided that the way we would make the birth announcement, if you will, was through a series of Instagram posts…, sort of chronologically starting in the middle of the night leaving our house, her labouring, getting the epidural, pre-op, post-op and then finally revealing a picture of Sid.
“People thought this was too much. People with sticks firmly inserted up their a**holes, including the wonderful people at Good Morning America, decided to bring in a panel of experts.
“It’s just so ridiculous that these people would dedicate any amount of time at all to us. (They) literally (had) a whole segment on celebrity over-sharing… What makes you an expert in over-sharing…? Do you get a PhD in f**king over-sharing?”