Jerry O’Connell almost caught out by twin daughters’ school lie

The Stand by Me star’s actress wife Rebecca Romijn left him to get girls Dolly and Charlie ready one morning, but they tried to take advantage of dad and conned him into thinking they could stay at home and play all day.

He says, “My children, who are three-and-a-half now, have started lying to me.

“My wife had to work in the morning and I was getting them ready and I was getting them dressed and they said, ‘Daddy, we don’t have school today’. I went, ‘Oh, really?’ I wasn’t on the school emails… And they were like, ‘No really, there’s no school’ and I was like, ‘There’s no way they’re lying now, they’re three-and-a-half’.

“But I thought, ‘Well, maybe I’ll just call and check’. I called up the school secretary and I said, ‘Hey is there no school today? Is there some sort of weird holiday?’ And she went, ‘No, there’s school today, why?’ I said, ‘Oh, no reason! No reason at all!'”