Jerry Springer Show Donation Rejected by Cancer Charity

A $19,000 donation from controversial West End musical Jerry Springer: The Opera has been rejected by a cancer charity.

Maggie’s Centres have refused to accept the money from producers of the
expletive-laden London stage show following advice from moral group Christian

The charity warns accepting the cash would precipitate a religious boycott of
their charitable work.

A Maggie’s spokesperson says, “As a result of contact from Christian Voice,
Maggie’s has taken the decision not to accept the proceeds from a special
performance on Feb. 18 of Jerry Springer: The Opera.”

Christian Voice’s Stephen Green explains, “We did have a chat with Maggie’s.
But the decision to pull out was theirs alone.

“All I did was explain that if they carried on they would cause offense to
Christians, who are known for being generous.”

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