Kerry Katona embarrassed by bankruptcy filing

British singer Kerry Katona feels “ashamed and ­embarrassed” about her latest bankruptcy bid, according to her fiance. The Atomic Kitten filed her petition at Wigan County Court in England on 2 July (13), five years after her last bankruptcy drama, when she was left unable to pay a $133,300 (£86,000) tax bill.
Katona took to to declare, “Hold your head high and be proud, never be ashamed!” – but her fiance George Kay reveals the singer is “struggling” to cope with her latest financial crisis.
In an interview with Britain’s Sunday Mirror, he says, “What Kerry’s going through has hit her hard and I’m there for her. Her mind is always racing – thinking about 101 things.
“She can step outside the house and be all bright and bubbly. She puts on a brave face to take the kids to school, and for work. But what people see and how Kerry actually is are two ­different things. She’s struggling. I can tell she’s depressed because she curls up on the couch and falls asleep in the afternoon – she’s very lethargic at home.
“When I go to bed she stays up watching the telly (TV) to try to switch off from all her thoughts. She feels ashamed and ­embarrassed of being bankrupt again. She’ll eventually come to bed but then she’s up again in the middle of the night. Four hours is a good night for Kerry but, at the moment, we’re lucky if she’s getting two.”
Katona’s young children are also rallying to boost their mother’s spirits, with Kay adding, “When Kerry told the kids she was bankrupt our Lilly-Sue (the star’s daughter by ex-husband Brian McFadden) took out all the money she’s ever saved and said: ‘You can have my £100 mummy’. It was heartbreaking. We both cried about it. But I say, ‘Everything’s going to be alright. We’ll get through it.'”