Kline took home Portman’s rescue dog

The actress was working for an organisation that sought out foster homes for strays at the time and she’d bring different pooches to rehearsals.

Eventually, Kline fell in love with one and took him home.

He tells BlogTalkRadio.com, “I knew immediately he was the one… She would come to rehearsal with different dogs every few days. She walked in with this dog and my kids had been saying they wanted a dog, so I saw this dog and said, ‘I want that; that’s the one’.

“He had such character but he was a wreck. He weighed about nine pounds and now he’s almost 30. He was very unhealthy but had a marvellous spirit.

“I brought him home and the kids named him Joe. I would’ve given him something a little more pretentious, like Hamlet or Cyrano or Fidel! I like Joe, it’s simple except to a dog it sounds like ‘No’, so he gets very confused.”