Kournikova: Liz Is ‘So Ugly’!

Catfight! Catfight! Supermodel and teen pinup in white! Teen tennis sensation Anna Kournikova has gotten herself into some trouble after a catty remark directed at British supermodel and actress Elizabeth Hurley and has even been threatened by a Hurley follower over the remark.

Kournikova, 19, told reporters that the “Austin Powers” beauty’s face was “so ugly” after the pair were seated near each other at a recent Buckingham Palace charity tennis event.


The tennis player has now been warned by London officials to exercise caution when she’s out in public.

British TV anchor Sophie Raworth received an unsigned letter from a Hurley fan who was outraged by the remakes and wants revenge against the athlete, the New York Daily News reports. The letter writer said he was a member of a group of right-wing neo-Nazis called Combat 18.

The tennis world takes such matters especially seriously after the 1993 stabbing of Monica Seles during a tournament in Hamburg, Germany, by a fan of Steffi Graf. Seles left the sport for two years after the attack.

When asked about Kournikova’s remarks, Hurley replied, “Anna’s a very pretty girl,” according to Mr.Showbiz.com.