Lil Boosie wrote more than 1,000 songs in prison

Rapper Lil Boosie has spoken out for the first time since his release from prison, revealing he is ready to head back into the studio after writing more than 1,000 songs while behind bars. Last Wednesday (05Mar14), the hip-hop star was freed after five years in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, and Boosie, real name Torrence Hatch, is eager to get back in the rap game with fresh material.
In New Orleans on Monday (10Mar14), Boosie held his first press conference since his release and opened up about how his time in jail affected him and the future of his career.
With family and friends including fellow rappers Bun B, Young Jeezy and Webbie in the audience, he said, “I really got a lot of stories to tell about my life and what my family went through. That just made me a stronger person who knows I can’t be slipping. I gotta do right.
“I feel like the music I got, the rap game wide open for me to take over. What I been hearing these last four days on the radio, it’s different from my music… And different brings greatness. I just feel I stand alone in the music industry. That’s how I think I’ll stay on top.”
Boosie already has his sights set on working popular artists, including a singer who’s been faced with his own legal troubles over the past few months – Justin Bieber.
The star divulged, “I got a hit (song) for Justin Bieber, and I just got music. I just got good, quality street music.”
In total, he wrote 1,018 songs while in prison and has been in the studio every night since his release working on a new album.