Lil Kim Raps on Jennifer Lopez

The Queen Bitch speaketh. Ghetto fabulous hip-hop star Lil Kim, aka Queen Bitch (reverentially, of course), disses Jennifer Lopez in the current issue of Mixmag, a publication from the United Kingdom.

“I don’t care for her,” says Kim, whose sophomore album “The Notorious KIM” was executive produced by Sean Puffy Combs, Lopez’s man. “I’m Puffy’s friend, and I know when good people are around and I know when bad people are around. And that’s basically it.”

Well, that not all of it.

Kim goes on to say that Lopez is a gold digger, but not the money kind.

“Being a gold digger doesn’t necessarily mean you’re after money all the time,” Kim says. “Something can be valuable to you just a like a pot of gold. It can be something else … it could be anything.”

Well, that clears that up.

So far, Kim hasn’t given any reason for the bad blood. And Lopez told regarding the catty remarks, “I haven’t heard anything about it.”

Peace out, sistas.