Macaulay Culkin and The Pizza Underground cancel rest of U.K. tour

Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin and his band The Pizza Underground have cancelled the remainder of their U.K. tour after they were booed offstage in Manchester and Nottingham last week (ends30May14).

The quirky act, which performs pizza-themed covers of Velvet Underground tunes, was also pelted with beer by disgruntled fans, and now the band has axed the rest of its live shows. Announcing the cancellation, the group tweets, “Sad that we had to cancel UK shows. Believe it or not we had fun! But all good things must end, and sometimes suddenly and w/o (without) explanation.”

The Pizza Underground also pulled out of a performance at Spain’s Primavera Sound festival on Saturday (31May14), but insisted the cancellations “had nothing to do with the beer tossers” and claimed they had to “deal with a cheesemergency (sic)”. Culkin, who plays kazoo in the group, and his bandmates were forced offstage just 15 minutes into their set at the Rock City in Nottingham after fans began hurling abuse and beer at them.

The band later posted a tweet that read: “Thank you so much Nottingham. Sorry that a couple (of) people ruined it for everyone.”