Malibu Restrictions Could Cause Filming Fracas

Hollywood is set for a major blow if new filming restrictions in Malibu,
California become law, as expected, at a city council meeting July 12.

Residents of the 21 mile-long seaside location, including many stars who have
made their home there, are tired of night shoots, helicopters and traffic chaos
which have turned the Los Angeles area paradise into a glorified film set.

Authorities are set to heavily restrict filming from later this month in a bid to prompt movie-makers to look elsewhere when shooting films set at the beach.

The new regulations would ban late night and early morning film shoots,
prohibit the use of helicopters and limit the amount of time production
companies could use a particular site to 16 days.

Industry insiders insist the authorities are crazy to impose the new
restrictions, but officials insist the 700 shoots that are booked for Malibu
every year are simply too much for locals.

Malibu has been a location for movies like M*A*S*H and the original Planet of the Apes and
classic TV shows Baywatch and The Rockford Files.

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