More ‘Dirty Dancing’ … With Ricky Martin?!?

Just so we’re clear here, “Dirty Dancing” is not a 1980s relic, nor an embarrassing Patrick Swayze memory, nor a glorified B-picture with nice bodies. It is, rather, a “cultural touchstone.” One that just might be worthy of Ricky Martin. Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein announced Thursday that his fine studio plans to team with Artisan Entertainment (i.e., the house that “The Blair Witch Project” built) to make “Dirty Dancing 2.”

Just to keep things fun, today’s trade papers say a wildly improbable pair — try Ricky Martin and Natalie Portman — are “in early talks” to do the flick.

The Miramax-Artisan “Dirty Dancing” alliance was said to have been cooked up over a lunch last December. No word on what the execs ate. Or drank.

The original “Dirty Dancing” (1987) starred Swayze, Jennifer Grey and Jennifer Grey’s old nose.