Mr. Vegas’ first time was a shock to his system

Jamaican dancehall star Mr. Vegas was left embarrassed the first time he tried to have sex after realising he was doing it all wrong. The Heads High hitmaker, real name Clifford Smith, reveals he had no idea there needed to be penetration in order to do the deed and he ended up ejaculating all over his own leg – and even that was a shock to his system.
He says, “The first time I tried to lose my virginity, it was (with) a bigger girl… so I was up there windin’ (grinding) up (against her) and (wondering), ‘Why she not making no noise (sic)?’ So I felt something coming out of my body…
“(I said), ‘Something come out of me, I’m pee peeing! It’s white pee pee… (sic)!’ So I jump up and she was like, ‘What, you not go in the hole? Him (his penis) go in (sic)?’ No, I was just doing it on my leg. So, I think my first time losing my virginity, I didn’t get it.”