Mulder: Sorry, Kevin Smith

Mulder: Sorry, Kevin Smith

Bad news for all Jay and Silent Bob fans, as occasional “X”-man David Duchovny has had to give up his plans to appear in the next Kevin Smith-directed project.

A posting on the Web site says that Duchovny had been approached about playing a role in the upcoming film “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” by writer/director/actor Smith, a self-professed fan of Duchovny‘s. While Duchovny had expressed interest in the role, his schedule has prevented him from taking the role.

In addition to his upcoming return to “The X-Files,” Duchovny is starring in this summer’s Ivan Reitman-directed sci-fi/comedy “Evolution” opposite Julianne Moore and William H Macy.

Smith has said that there is another actor being considered for the role, “but it’s too early to say just who it is.” However, don’t feel bad for Smith, who named his golden retriever Mulder. He went on to say: “I am a sad, overweight geekity geek who takes small consolation in the fact that I have a hot wife and I’m a millionaire.”

So there.