MUSIC NOTES: Kerrang! Went Britt Ekland

What do you get when you mix Marilyn Manson, Swedish actress Britt Ekland and a watermelon? Answer: Fooood fiiiiight! And a stay in the hospital.

Ekland suffered a fractured ankle and a broken wrist Tuesday at the Kerrang! Awards in London when she slipped on a piece of watermelon that had been flung on to the stage during a chaotic food fight earlier that evening.

Ekland fell as she was about to present a trophy to Marilyn Manson. Despite her pain, she stayed long enough to finish giving away the trophy while sitting in a chair. Then she was rushed off to a hospital. What a trooper!

Andy Williams OLD CROONERS NEVER DIE: His is the voice that President Reagan once called “a national treasure.” But after being silenced by a polyp on his vocal chords a year ago, Andy “Moon River” Williams is now planning a comeback, sort of.

The singer’s vocal chords are back in shape and that pesky polyp is now gone, but it seems Williams has gotten used to not working.

“Doing nothing is kinda nice,” he told Reuters.

Before his setback, Williams was working nine months a year at his Moon River Theater in Branson, Mo., doing two shows a day, six days a week. Now the 72-year-old singer has decided to slow down a bit and work just three or four months a year.