Maybe all that makeup has finally corroded their brains. The monster rockers of KISS are formally apologizing for forgetting where they were during an April 22 concert in Greenville, S.C. During the show, one of the group’s giant video screens put up a graphic referring to the town as “Greenfield.”


“To our friends in GREENVILLE,” the band said in a blame-it-on-the-stupid-techie ad taken out in a local newspaper last week. “… It has always been KISS’s mission to give you the greatest rock and roll show and treat you with the respect you deserve.”

So, how come only Greenville deserved that mea culpa?

CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED: Just in time for summer vacation comes a Christina Aguilera tour. The popster’s brought-to-you-by-Sears (and Levi’s) extravaganza is scheduled to kick off July 31 in Missouri. It’ll run through Sept. 25 in Florida.

DISCO’S DEATH: Vicki Sue Robinson, who recorded the glitter-ball-era hit “Turn the Beat Around” in 1976, died Thursday of cancer at her home in Connecticut, it has been learned. She was 44.

STUFF YOU NOTE ‘CAUSE IT SOUNDS VAGUELY IMPORTANT: R&B/hip-hop mogul Antonio “LA” Reid has been tapped to assume head-guy duties at Arista Records, replacing Clive Davis, the music vet credited with discovering Whitney Houston.