News, Dec. 23: Pitt Wants Aniston To Wear Ring, Snowdon Says She’s Not Engaged to Clooney, Cruise Sends Beckhams Scientology X-Mas Card, More…

Pitt annoyed with Aniston for not wearing ring

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is furious with his wife Jennifer Aniston for being photographed not wearing her wedding ring earlier this week. Troy star Pitt is determined to quash persistent media reports he is on the verge of separating from the Friends beauty, and is annoyed her forgetfulness has further added to speculation about the state of their marriage. A source says, “He demanded to know what she was thinking. “Jennifer assured Brad that she had simply forgotten to put her rings on that day and that she had no idea it would be seized on like that. “The truth is that they’re happily married, but all the rumours are beginning
to get to them.”

Clooney not engaged to me, says Snowdon

Actor George Clooney‘s reported engagement to Lisa Snowdon has been rubbished by the British TV presenter–because she refuses to live in America. Earlier this week sexy Snowdon was photographed sporting a glittering ring on her wedding finger, but Clooney‘s on/off girlfriend of three years admits she’s too tied down to her Essex, England, roots to set up home in Hollywood. Snowdon also insists she doesn’t want a single aspect of her life to change at present. She says, “I love my house. I have owned it for a few years now and I have a fortune doing it up. I love my life at the moment and I don’t want to change it. “I do a bit of everything and have a varied lifestyle. I enjoy everything I do and I don’t think I could give that up.”

Cruise sends ‘scientology Christmas card’ to Beckhams

Tom Cruise is reportedly attempting to convert pals Victoria and David Beckham’s religious beliefs–after sending them a Christmas card promoting the controversial Church of Scientology. Hollywood hunk Cruise–who joined the couple at a Real Madrid soccer match in Spain last month–is an avid follower of the cult that’s based on the theory humans descended from aliens. And now the Minority Report star is desperately trying to persuade the Beckhams to embrace the faith–and has donated money to the church on their behalf, according to British newspaper the Daily Mirror. Following the traditional festive greetings, Cruise‘s card reportedly carries the message, “Please accept the enclosed Code of Honour as my gift to you and may you experience comfort and encouragement from it in your own life. “A donation has been made on your behalf to the International Association of Scientologists. The IAS is committed to achieving the aims of Scientology.”

Roberts almost never made it to hospital

Julia Roberts almost failed to make it to hospital to give birth to her twins last month–because her car broke down. The Oscar-winning beauty, 37, finally made it to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Hollywood with husband Danny Moder when a passing taxi driver picked them up. A source says, “Danny said, ‘I did everything I could to keep Julia calm, and played it really cool like it was no problem. But deep down I was panicking big time.'” Roberts later gave birth to daughter Hazel and son Phinnaeus after undergoing an emergency caesarian section.

Gervais delighted to be writing The Simpsons

Golden Globe-winning comic Ricky Gervais has fulfilled his lifetime’s ambition–he is writing an episode of The Simpsons The British Office star will also voice a character in the popular animation show, which will be made next year, although he is keeping the episode’s plot a secret. Gervais says, “I’ve got the rough idea. This is the most intimidating project of my career. The Simpsons is the greatest TV show of all time. I can only make it slightly worse. “When I got into comedy my greatest ambition was to get one joke on The Simpsons. I may as well retire now.”

Cleese ‘a second’ away from fatal car crash

Veteran actor John Cleese is relishing being alive – after his chauffeur fell asleep and narrowly avoided a fatal crash “by about a second”. The Monty Python comic, 65, is now enjoying life to the full after he almost died when his sleeping driver almost crashed into another vehicle at high speed. Cleese says, “I nearly died the other day. I was in a car travelling at 75 or 80 miles per hour and I realised my driver had fallen asleep. “So I shouted at him and I think we avoided being killed by about a second. “So it just shows that life’s all a little more fragile than you think.”

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