News, Dec. 28: Blake Laughed With Wife Before Murder, Ben Stiller Loves...

News, Dec. 28: Blake Laughed With Wife Before Murder, Ben Stiller Loves Wife’s Lesbian Kiss, DiCaprio Unfazed by Onscreen Nudity, More…

Robert Blake Preliminary Hearing: Robert Blake
Robert Blake at his preliminary hearing at the the Van Nuys Courthouse

Blake was ‘laughing’ with wife on night of murder

A witness in the Robert Blake murder trial claims the actor was laughing and smiling as he dined with his wife the night she was killed. Bonny Lee Bakley was shot on May 4, 2001, after eating at Vitello’s restaurant in California. After the meal, Blake maintains he left Bakley in their car while he returned to the eatery to retrieve a handgun he carried for protection and returned to find her bleeding. Vitello’s co-owner Joe Restivo told the Los Angeles court last Wednesday that he recalled Blake returning in distress and looking for a doctor – but that he did not retrieve his firearm. Restivo says, “He was out of it. He was in hysterics. He was saying, ‘We need help’, or ‘Somebody hurt my lady’.” However, Restivo admits he was busy that night preparing takeaway orders for customers. Prosecutors claim Blake killed his wife because he wanted sole custody of their daughter. The trial has been recessed until Jan. 4.

Stiller loves wife’s lesbian kiss

Ben Stiller‘s most enjoyable moment in 2004 came when his actress wife performed a lesbian kiss in comedy movie Dodgeball. The Hollywood funnyman was left thrilled watching spouse Christine Taylor smooch with Scarlett Chorvat in the highly-charged sequence. Stiller says, “I loved the scene. What red-blooded man would not want to see that sort of action?”

DiCaprio unfazed by onscreen nudity

Leonardo DiCaprio remains unfazed by onscreen nudity, despite spending days being filmed naked for his latest movie. DiCaprio‘s role as Howard Hughes in The Aviator required him to strip off for a series of love scenes, most of which ended up on the cutting room floor. But being naked didn’t bother DiCaprio: “I didn’t think about the nudity that much. There was a lot more naked stuff in the movie that they didn’t show. I was nude for a good couple of days being filmed.”

Eastwood: ‘only young actors need apply’

Clint Eastwood has dashed the hopes of thousands of twenty-something actors, after announcing he won’t be casting anyone over the age of 26 in his new movie. The Oscar-winning director is determined to maintain historical authenticity when he casts World War Two epic Flags of Our Fathers, about the men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima, early next year. Eastwood, 75, explains, “The average age of most of these fellows at that stage was 19, so in casting, I’ll try to be very accurate about that. The oldest amongst them was 26, in fact, they call him the old man, so if he’s old at 26, well…”

Hopkins set for music career in 2005

Anthony Hopkins is to embark on a music career after spending the past eight months composing songs on his piano. The Oscar-winning actor doubles as a talented pianist and hopes to have his compositions performed in 2005–firstly in America, then at London’s famous Royal Albert Hall venue, where Hopkins plans to conduct an orchestra and choir. A source says, “Anthony has played the piano for a long time, and takes music very seriously, but in the past it has been a hobby. “Now he wants to concentrate on music, and is confident enough to put on a concert of his own work.”

Schiffer hires Nepalese fighters

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer and husband Matthew Vaughn have hired five former British Army Gurkhas to help protect their $9 million English mansion. The German-born beauty and Layer Cake director Vaughn, who have been targeted by two stalkers this year, are strong supporters of the brave Nepalese fighters and are urging pals Madonna and Guy Ritchie to employ them as well. Vaughn explains, “The Gurkhas are among the most hard-working, loyal and skilled people I have ever come across. We are delighted to give them jobs.”

Ferguson warns of child obesity

British royal Sarah Ferguson has warned the British government to wake up to the child-obesity problem facing the country. The Duchess of York, who earns $1.8 million each year as spokesperson for Weight Watchers in America, yesterday called for everyone to acknowledge the UK’s fat epidemic. Ferguson says, “It’s time for everyone to wake up to the fact that this obesity situation is not a diet, it’s not about whether you are fitting into a pair of blue jeans. “The Government is going to have major health care problems if they don’t realize they could have a lost generation because of the different diseases stemming from overweight.”

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