News, Nov. 8: HBO cancels “Six Feet Under,” Actor Howard Keel dies, Bob Barker donates money for animal rights, more…

HBO cancels hit drama series

With the cast of Six Feet Under headed into their fifth season of taping, the HBO television network announces that this will also be their final one. According to the Associated Press, Six Feet Under’s creator and executive producer, Alan Ball, recently informed HBO executives of his decision to end the series. “Working on Six Feet Under has been enormously fulfilling creatively, but if the show is about anything, it’s about the fact that everything comes to an end,” said Ball. With the end of Sex and the City and now Six Feet Under in the recent future, HBO will soon have plenty of spots to fill in their primetime lineup. With dozens of Emmy nominations to brag about, the drama series has yet to win the top prize of outstanding drama series.

Actor Howard Keel dies at age 85

Former Dallas star Howard Keel, also known for his good looks and broad shoulders, died of colon cancer on Sunday morning in his Palm Desert home, the AP reports. Before landing a role in the hit show Dallas, Keel starred in a number of hit musicals. Always finding a way to keep himself busy, Keel starred in Man of La Mancha, South Pacific, Annie Get Your Gun and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. In addition, Keel also appeared in a number of western movies including: Waco, Red Tomahawk, The War Wagon and Arizona Bushwhackers. Keel was married three times and divorced twice. Married to former airline stewardess Judy Magamoll until his death, Keel is also survived by his four children, 10 grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter. The funeral is scheduled be private, with a memorial service to follow.

Jackson’s legal team denying allegations of scheduled rallies

Prosecutors in the Michael Jackson child molestation case say that Jackson’s legal team may have set up organized rallies for the pop star. According to Reuters, prosecuters found evidence that Jackson’s defense team coordinated demonstrations to generate media buzz and crowds outside the courtroom. Jackson’s legal team denies the allegations that they attempted to create media and fan involvement. Superior Court Judge, Rodney Melville, did not allow the materials to be shown in court, stating that organized rallies on behalf of the defendant did not break any rules. Jackson is charged in a 10-count indictment with child molestation. The trial is scheduled to begin in January.

Colin Firth speaks out about Zellweger’s weight gain

Renee Zellweger, who plays Bridget Jones in the new film, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, has gained lots of media buzz for gaining weight to play the role–again. According to the Associated Press, co-star Colin Firth is amazed that any celebrity who gains weight must be subject to this rush of media attention. “It’s not that unusual for actors to alter their appearance to play a part. But I think if I did it, it wouldn’t get anywhere near the amount of attention,” said Firth, who plays Zellweger’s lawyer boyfriend in the sequel.

Actor Jim Belushi sues neighbor Julie Newmar

Reporting over $4 million in damages, actor Jim Belushi is suing his neighbor and former Catwoman star Julie Newmar for attempting to drive him from his Brenthood home, the AP reports. On Nov. 2nd, Belushi filed a lawsuit against the actress for destroying a fence and landscaping on his property and for making defamatory statements about him to his friends and family. Belushi also claims that Newmar spied on his family and played loud music targeting his backyard. “Newmar has engaged in a malicious and premeditated campaign to prevent and destroy Belushi’s quiet peace,” the lawsuit claims. Newmar could not be immediately reached for comment.

Barker gives $1 million to UCLA for animal rights

Longtime game show host on The Price is Right, Bob Barker, has given $1 million to the UCLA law school for an animal rights law endowment. According to the Associated Press, UCLA announced last week that Bob Barker donated the money with hopes that the money will get more law students involved in supporting animal rights. “Animal exploitation happens throughout this country and elsewhere,” Barker said. “Animals need all the protection we can give them.”

Notorious B.I.G. lawsuit is altered

According to the Launch Radio Networks, mother of the late Notorious B.I.G., Voletta Wallace, has altered her wrongful death lawsuit with the Los Angeles Police Department. Voletta Wallace dismissed Harry Billups as a defendant in the lawsuit. Billups was dismissed after he offered to take a lie detector test to prove that he was not involved in the killing of the former rapper. Wallace filed the lawsuit in 2002 alleging that former police officer, David Mack, planned the murder and hired Billups to kill her son. Now that Billups is out of the picture, the theory might be hard to prove in court. Originally, Voletta offered to settle the lawsuit for $105 million, soon lowering the amount to $18 million. The Los Angeles City Council would not approve the settlement.