News Roundup: April 5

Top Story

Clearly lacking anything resembling a job or significant relationship, Star Wars fanatics began their vigil outside of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, six weeks prior to the movie’s premiere. Variety reports that approximately half a dozen fans are already in line, guaranteeing them tickets to the initial public screening of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. These unwashed Star Wars faithful say they plan to pass the time talking about the sci-fi movie series with passers-by and talking to the media–from a distance, one hopes.


Well, shut my mouth and call me Sally: Apparently the tabloids are wrong! According to the Associated Press, Spider-Man co-stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst are NOT an item. Vanity Fair, though, quotes the charismatic pair as being professionally in love with each other. Dunst praises Maguire‘s ability to cry on cue, and Maguire says that there’s “no vanity” in Dunst‘s acting.

Looks like Russell Crowe may end up in court–but not for something the easily irritated Aussie was charged for. Rather, the Oscar-winning actor may be called to testify against three men accused of blackmailing him with a videotape that allegedly involves the thespian in a street fight, the BBC reports.

New mom Liz Hurley got more good news yesterday. Mere hours after giving birth, a man who has been accused of stalking the international beauty was remanded into custody, the BBC reports.

In the Biz

As if times for the beleaguered John Travolta couldn’t get worse. Variety reports that a rumor is floating around that the Battlefield Earth and Domestic Disturbance star (duds, both) will split with his manger of 17 years, Jonathan Krane.

Miramax Films has grabbed the rights to the waning Pokemon film series away from Warner Bros. Although the first installment grossed more than $85 million, the third episode (and latest) brought in just $17 million. Still, according to a source quoted in the Los Angeles Times, Miramax shelled out a cool $1 million for the rights to the next two sequels in the continuing saga of the pocket monsters.

E.T. was a sonic boom the first time it was released, but mere signal noise this time around. Re-released 20 years after its debut–and after it grossed more than £500 million worldwide–Steven Spielberg’s opus grossed a miniscule £4.6 million over Easter weekend (26 countries), Britain’s Screen Daily reports.

Casting Call

John Malkovich (Being John Malkovich) has signed on to play the villain in the latest Rowan Atkinson comedy, Johnny English, a parody of spy films. Pop singer Natalie Imbruglia will join the boys in the film as a seductive temptress.

Tube Tips

CBS is going back to the past one more time. Following last November’s successful Carol Burnett Show special, next month the eye network will air a one-hour reunion with the cast from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Other networks are following CBS’ lead: ABC is planning a Laverne & Shirley retrospective, Fox is looking into a Three’s Company tribute and NBC is devoting the entire month of May to reunions and highlight shows as part of its 75th anniversary celebration.

Music Notes

Whew! R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck was acquitted of all charges stemming from an alleged fit of rage while drunk on an airplane last April. Buck’s successful defense was comprised almost wholly by the claims “It wasn’t me” and “Free tickets for any juror who finds me innocent.”

How cute: Kelly Osbourne is following in daddy’s shoes, sort of. The daughter of shock-rocker Ozzy Osbourne is covering Madonna‘s hit song “Papa Don’t Preach” with the help of Incubus band members Mike Einziger and Jose Pasillas II, the AP reports. Kelly told MTV News she’s worried about the single’s success “because I don’t think I’m a very good singer.” Ah, like father, like daughter.

In Memoriam

The spy business is dangerous, very dangerous. The AP reports that a stuntman on the set of Vin Diesel‘s latest movie, XXX, died while doing a parasailing stunt when he hit a bridge in Prague. XXX isn’t the salacious movie described by its title; it’s an urban spy thriller revolving around extreme-sports athletes.