News Roundup, Dec. 9: “Roseanne” Actor Glenn Quinn Dies

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Glenn Quinn, the 32-year-old actor who is best known for his recurring role on the hit TV sitcom Roseanne, was found dead in his apartment Dec. 3 in Los Angeles. reports authorities are saying Quinn‘s death could possibly be attributed to a drug overdose but medical evidence is still pending. Quinn joined the cast of Roseanne in its third season as older daughter Becky Connor’s boyfriend/husband Mark. He also co-starred on the TV drama Angel, a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Nicole Kidman may be heading back to the London stage. After baring it all, literally, four years ago in David Hare‘s The Blue Room, Kidman is now in negotiations to star in Henrik Ibsen’s The Lady From the Sea for director Trevor Nunn.

Veteran vintner Francis Ford Coppola will drink no wine before its time. The Godfather director will plunk down a cool $31.5 million for the Cohn Vineyard in Napa Valley, Calif., winning the bid over competitor Robert Mondavi, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The Cohn Vineyard is renowned for its excellent conditions that create some of the world’s best cabernet.


Spanish director Pedro Almodovar and his newest film Talk to Her were the big winners at the European Film Academy Awards Saturday. The film, about a man’s relationship with a comatose woman, won best film with Almodovar taking the award for best director. The 15th annual awards ceremony was held in Rome, Italy.

The Talented Mr. Ripley co-stars Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow are set to reteam for The World of Tomorrow, a big-budget sci-fi thriller for first-time writer/director Kerry Conran. Paltrow will play a reporter and Law a pilot in the film, which is set at the turn of the 20th century and is in the same vein as Raiders of the Lost Ark, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Alec Baldwin, who starred in 1999’s Outside Providence, has decided he’d rather be inside the Rhode Island city than outside of it. He is in negotiations to co-star with Matthew Broderick in Providence, a film about a young filmmaker (Broderick) who gets funding to make a film from a mysterious source (Baldwin) on the condition he shoots the film in Providence, R.I. The filmmaker eventually discovers the “producer” is really an undercover FBI agent.


After a brawl in Munich, Germany, which forced them to cancel two shows, the British rock band Oasis returned to the stage Sunday in Wales to finish their European tour. Lead singer Liam Gallagher, who lost two teeth when he and other band members got into a fight with some Italians at a hotel bar Dec. 1, had his teeth repaired to continue the tour.

Guess Eminem is going to have to change some of his lyrics about his wife, Kim. According to, the bad-boy rapper’s grandmother, Betty Kresin, confirmed that he and Kim are back together. “They’re back together,” Kresin told, “and I think Marshall [Eminem‘s real name] is very happy about it.”