Newspaper banned by theater

The editor of the alternative Cincinnati weekly CityBeat is claiming that his film editor has been banned from two local theaters following the paper’s revelation that the operator of the theaters had removed a scene from the film The Center of the World. In an email message to several publications on Tuesday, John Fox claimed that theater operator Gary Goldman had banned CityBeat film editor Steve Ramos “from seeing advance critics’ screenings at the theaters and even from buying tickets to see anything there. Our racks/papers have been removed, and the Esquire [theater] will no longer advertise with us.” Goldman, who issued an apology after the film’s distributor, Artisan Entertainment, yanked Center following Ramos’s story, was reportedly out of the country and unavailable to comment. CityBeat said Tuesday that Ramos, defying the ban, returned to the Esquire on June 21 to attend a critics’ screening and that no one asked him to leave.